Alissa Klein Emmett Therapy

Alissa is a born healer!

Alissa is a born healer! Beautifully done surrounded by animals & nature, I highly recommend one of these treatments, I feel amazing already

Nicole Carroll

What Alissa has taught students in the last few months most definitely saved one of my horses last week!

My partner has done the first two levels with. Alissa and with out the moves done on my TB I’d be a horse down after a severe colic attack. We had treated him with painkillers advised by our vet, had hand walked for nearly two hours and still no relief. He was treated with Emmett by Adrian and within ten minutes we had gas being passed and after a few more moves we had poop passed and I have no doubt this saved his life! Thank you Alissa for all your teaching and of course Adrian for applying the moves… with over 30 horses in the care of myself and my dad, we’ve found Emmett a great addition to our training!

Peter Rowe

Alissa has miracle hands, can not recommend enough! 

Since having my son my wrist were weak and I struggled to pick him up. My "mummy wrists" were causing so much pain i winced picking him up out of his bassinet and after just one treatment I had a massive improvement (I'm addicted). Within 3 treatments my wrists were completely better (no pain or swelling) and I no longer need a cortisone injection which is what the doctors were recommending. I can not thank her enough

Heidi Martin

Alissa is incredible at what she does!

Her treatments have been a godsend since the birth of my son. She treats me for neck and back tension, migraines and blockages caused from mastitis. Her lymphatic drainage treatment is incredible. Alissa's gentle nature really compliments the Emmett Technique.

Lily Boyd

Alissa performed her therapy and released it for me after just one session!

Alissa performed her therapy and released it for me after just one session. I was so much more comfortable and will consider visiting regularly to stay on top of it. Absolutely recommend!I took myself off to Alissa after having had enough of the tension/tightness I was experiencing in my neck and shoulders. 

Carla Bray

I love Alissa’s passion for her Emmett Therapy!

She does a wonderful job!! I suffer migraines and Alissa helped me a big one today!

Karra Emma

It was fantastic!

have never had Emmett Therapy before and Alissa asked me to try it, and wow it was fantastic I have had sore neck muscles for weeks and as soon as Alissa started therapy I could feel it and working and when she finished I had a lot more movement in my neck Thankyou Alissa I will definitely be going back for more.

Denise Jackson Haack