Alissa Klein Emmett Therapy


Emmett Therapy Treatments for people 

$50-$80 (20 minutes or 45 minutes)

The EMMETT Technique can speed up recovery time when the body has experienced strain, before and after surgery or after 

a break.



EMMETT for Horses Level 1 


Developed for horse owners of all ages, riders and handlers, trainers and stable managers , these practical, quick and easy to learn and apply techniques will prove invaluable in the day-to-day care and training of your animals. Each 2 day course offers 8 horse corrections and 2 human corrections so you can not only help the horses, you can also influence the rider, trainer, owner or handler.



EMMETT for Horses Level 2-5 


If you are wanting to broaden your knowledge base and go on to help a larger variety of discomforts, there are levels progressing to module 5 and beyond.



EMM-Tech Short Course for people $220

Described as a First Aid Kit at your fingertips, the Introductory 1 Day Short Course will empower you to help yourself, friends, and family with some of the most common body discomforts people suffer. This hands on course gives students the opportunity to gain experience by working directly with other participants. The day is supervised by a qualified Emmett Practitioner and can be undertaken by any interested member of the community.


EMMETT Short Course for Horses $175

This is one of the easiest self-help courses you will find that will empower you to work with your horse to improve performance, flexibility, recovery, movement, and relationship. You will learn 4 powerful moves to help your horse with discomfort and tension around the wither, in the neck, across the back and in the loin. On top of this you will come away with 2 human moves to help yourself, friends and family with neck rotation and forearm discomfort and/or weakness.


Emmett Therapy Testimonials

The label 'Short Course' does this program a huge disservice in a way, because you learn an incredible amount in one sitting - this is no stingy 'we'll show you a few bits as a taster' affair.

You get some great releases that cover the key gripes that clients - and people in general, present with: stiff necks, poor balance, knee pain, inflammation, restricted arm movements and many more.

So the course content packs a massive punch and the techniques are very well chosen. Crucially, I left wanting to know more!