Alissa Klein Emmett Therapy

EMMETT 4 Work Program

I offer a Workplace Muscle Management and Injury Prevention Program. This is a program to improve the workplace and assist businesses to produce healthier, work-ready employees by reducing muscle pain and discomfort in their employees.

The focus is on prevention, rather than post injury treatment, and reduces the occurrence of muscle strains and injuries. This in turn, decreases the risk of accidents or further injury, and improves productivity and work performance.

EMMETT 4 Work can decrease aches and discomfort, and improve mobility, balance and flexibility issues that your employees may experience every day.

Benefits of the EMMETT 4 Work program:

  • Produces a healthier workforce by reducing muscle restrictions and alleviating discomfort
  • Focuses on prevention and muscle first aid, rather than post injury rehabilitation
  • Increases workplace satisfaction and employee well-being
  • Improves employee fitness and reduces downtime due to injury
  • Assists companies with occupational health and safety obligations
  • Administered onsite
  • Treatments for discomfort takes as little as minutes and enables the worker to return to work immediately. 
  • Treatments are performed fully clothed and are undertaken sitting or standing.

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