Alissa Klein Emmett Therapy

Revolutionise your lifestyle with Water

Not all water is created equal

Create oxidised to alkalised waters for low-tox, eco and health conscious living. Nourish your body with pure, filtered electrolysed-reduced water, full of rich hydrogen, free radical scavengers and antioxidants. 

Save the planet by reducing plastic waste, chemicals in your home, on your body and in waterways and the ocean.

Save thousands in your lifetime by replacing harmful cleaners and chemical with non toxic acidic and alkalised waters from Enagic machines.

Enagic - Kangen Water

Since 1974 Japanese company, Enagic International has been considered the leader in innovation and production of medical grade water filtration and alkaline water ionisers.

Enagic's philosophy 'Change your Water, Change your life' centres around realising true mental, physical and financial health.

Kangen Water is electrolised-reduced ionised water created by a certified Enagic medical-grade machine.

Ask me for more information on how to purchase your Kangan water machine and the amazing business opportunity that you have access to.