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What is Emmett Technique?

The EMMETT Technique is an understanding of the body's response to light touch. It has been suggested that the body reacts in a similar way to the workings of a touch screen. Small sensors allow access to the brain via the therapists' touch. As well as the ability to directly influence muscle action, these points may have a memory and emotional attachment. It is a recognised technique, taught and practiced in over40ountries to ease pain and discomfort, increase movement and improve quality of life.



EMMETT for people

The EMMETT Technique can speed up recovery time when the body has experienced strain, before and after surgery or after a break.

EMMETT for Horses Level 1

Developed for horse owners of all ages, riders and handlers, trainers and stable managers , these practical, quick and easy to learn and apply techniques will prove invaluable in the day-to-day care and training of your animals.

EMMETT for Horses Level 2-5

If you are wanting to broaden your knowledge base and go on to help a larger variety of discomforts, there are levels progressing to module 5 and beyond.



Short Courses

EMMETT short course for people

Teaches you how to help yourself and others with simple release techniques. In 8 hours you will gain valuable skills that may be used to ease common causes of general pain and discomfort.


EMMETT short course for horses

This is one of the easiest self-help courses you will find that will empower you to work with your horse to improve performance, flexibility, recovery, movement, and relationship. You will learn 4 powerful moves to help your horse with discomfort and tension around the wither, in the neck, across the back and in the loin.


Emmett Horse Course Testimonial

What Alissa has taught students in the last few months most definitely saved one of my horses last week. My partner has done the first two levels with. Alissa and with out the moves done on my TB I’d be a horse down after a severe colic attack. We had treated him with painkillers advised by our vet, had hand walked for nearly two hours and still no relief. He was treated with Emmett by Adrian and within ten minutes we had gas being passed and after a few more moves we had poop passed and I have no doubt this saved his life! Thank you Alissa for all your teaching and of course Adrian for applying the moves… with over 30 horses in the care of myself and my dad, we’ve found Emmett a great addition to our training!

Peter Rowe

Hi, I'm Alissa

I became interested in the Emmett Technique when I was struggling with my own pain. I had experienced pain in my feet for over 1 year. After trying many different therapies and mainstream suggestions, I was at a loss. I wanted something that was easy to apply to myself that worked. Finally, I visited an Emmett Therapist who gave me some relief. More relief than anything else I had tried, so not long after that I decided to attend an EMMETT short course (EMM-Tech). I never looked back. The relief i felt in my feet after this one day short course and the empowerment I gained to be able to help myself and others honestly changed my life.

I grew up in rural Queensland surrounded by countryside and horses. I competed in Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. I have worked on large cattle stations mustering, at the racetrack riding track work, and played around with almost everything horses. The love of my life is horses so, the progression from treating people to my four legged friends was a natural one. I see the relief in a horse, just like the relief i have felt from an Emmett treatment and it is truly amazing. So gentle and subtle yet so powerful. I am passionate about helping both people and horses alike to attain and maintain freedom of movement.


What my clients are saying

Alissa is a born healer! Beautifully done surrounded by animals & nature, I highly recommend one of these treatments, I feel amazing already!

Nicole Carroll

Alissa has miracle hands, can not recommend enough. Since having my son my wrist were weak and I struggled to pick him up. My "mummy wrists" were causing so much pain i winced picking him up out of his bassinet and after just one treatment I had a massive improvement (I'm addicted). Within 3 treatments my wrists were completely better (no pain or swelling) and I no longer need a cortisone injection which is what the doctors were recommending. I can not thank her enough

Heidi Martin

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